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These projects are just small pieces of what we can do by working as marketing executives. In reality, we end up doing larger scale campaigns from ongoing marketing engagements. To learn more, contact us here.

More than a Chef, I'm a Celebrity!

Celebrity Chef Isa, an eco-gastronomy expert, is a high profile TV personality in Latin America, who's quickly breaking ground in the U.S. Hispanic market. We were positioned her by using a romanticizing approach to foods. This published media kit was created to sell her unique aspects and connect her with new business partners. 

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Eco-Friendly Philosophy

North America’s largest commercial print and mail operations needed a creative way to communicate their eco-friendly philosophy. We use their mascot, Rex, to tell the story.

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Packaging World Guide

Showing designers how to plan their packaging projects was an opportunity for this client to get some thought leadership to promote a very lucrative packaging division. This project was part of a digital marketing campaign, including SEO, landing pages, and nurturing emails.

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Back to the Basics for a Tech Client

This software company needed some credibility at an international industry event. We built a print magazine as a platform to share their ideas, reaching the most renowned CEO’s at the event. The magazine spoke to intelligence leaders about how to be more forward-thinking.

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Direct Mail in a Digital Era Works

For this leading Internet marketing agency, direct mail was an effective way to break through the clutter and promote their digital marketing services to small businesses.

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Writing Compelling Business Plans

This small business needed a compelling business plan to secure an $100,000 line of credit. We packaged their business and sold their vision in a way that gave bankers confidence in the business.

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