Our Services

Why work with my team?

We only select a hand full of companies to work with as a marketing resouce. This means we don't juggle clients we can't manage and we never take on more than we can chew. But, we must be passionate about your business from the start, and you have to be open to change.

This allows me to be hands-on and results-oriented.

As your marketing executive, you'd also have access to my team of specialists in graphic design, copywriting, and inbound marketing  to execute marketing strategies and campaigns that work for you. For more specialized projects, I have access to web developers, videographers, animators, and app development agencies.

I assume all of the costs with managing my team, so that small to medium-size companies can minimize their overhead and increase sales without having to expand or maintain an in-house marketing department.

What’s in it for you?

  • Turn marketing projects around quickly, and sell more
  • Use new digital marketing techniques to generate more leads
  • Build a junior marketing team from scratch without spending too much on overhead
  • Coach and develop your sales & marketing teams, so they learn to produce more 
  • Optimize existing marketing and sales operations to increase your ROI

I’m Emmanuel Trenche,
and I approve this message.

Fatima Zimichi


I worked under Emmanuel Trenche’s supervision for almost two years, a little less than a year ago or so in a fast-paced tech environment. We were “a great marketing team,” according to many. He was called “the lead machine.”

Fatima Zimichi, Director of Brand Development TOA - The One Agency