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Emmanuel Trenche

Hi there-

My name is Emmanuel Trenche, president and founder of Duo Executives.

I started Duo Executives shortly after working as Director of Marketing Communications for one of North America’s largest commercial print and direct mail companies, and later becoming VP of Marketing for an award-winning competitive intelligence software company.

Working in the tech space showed me that traditional marketing was fading away with the Internet becoming more prominent. So I set out to teach other companies how to use new marketing technology and approaches to build great brands and interesting business models.

Under my supervision, you can do so much more with your marketing dollars. We focus on marketing ideas that sell, so you’re impressive to buyers searching for a solution online.

We strategically use philosophy to promote inspiring content that grow your audience and increase sales. It’s a different kind of marketing that creates smarter, more inspiring brands- no matter your size. We’ve created everything from white papers, podcasts, media kits, digital magazines, webinars, and even presentation content for trade shows and workshops.

What makes Duo Executives different is that we only select a hand-full of clients to work with, so we can be hands-on and results oriented. So, we’ve worked in all kinds of business environments, building all kinds of interesting, non-traditional brands. In some cases, we have even invested in our customers to provide a more integrated approach to marketing and sales.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to work with us, drop me a line here. And I’ll be sure to connect with you.

P.S. – Don’t be shy and start asking questions. You may actually like what you hear.

Emmanuel Trenche, MBA
Business Philosopher & Marketeer


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Fatima Zimichi

Emmanuel’s great qualities can be perceived as soon as you meet him. He has the incredible power to light up a room with positivism and paint the picture with a few descriptive words. Somehow he can compliment you or give you constructive criticism with a smile on his face.

To speak a little more on his great leadership; he used a mentorship approach, brilliant if you ask me. He is well known for his great experience in marketing, business, but is respected for his work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership, and diligence. Ironically, destiny has connected us once again. When I heard he was going to refocus on other clients, doing marketing, I knew I had to seek his expertise. As a client and no longer an employee of his, nothing has changed. I’m still moved when he calls and trust his leadership. I can attest to anyone, in almost any industry, that Mr. Trenche would be as great an asset to your team as he has been to mine.

Fatima Zimichi, Director of Brand Development
Joe Materno

I’ve worked with Emmanuel and his team for the past three years, and he has helped us not only build our brand, but also manage our high-end partner brands in order to sell to diplomatics and political personnel from all over the world.

Joe Materno, Carisam- Meisel Samiel